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With more than 30 years of experience in the horticulture sector we, Edwin en Kees Högemann, have learned that high quality production and a customer-oriented approach are essential for our customers in reaching a higher level.

 We are primarily focused on customers that are interested in flexibility, quality and social responsibility,  which is why we choose to produce locally. Local production allows us to produce a social responsible product efficiently, improving the delivery time and quality control. 

We are capable of producing large quantities in a short amount of time, yet customize each product for every customer.

 In consultation with the grower we can produce any size and shape, such as 3 dimensional or Christmas tree-shaped trellis.

 for retailers we produce small environmental friendly packaging without plastic to minimize our ecological footprint.


Our team

Edwin Högemann

Edwin Högemann


Kees Högemann

Kees Högemann

Senior advisor